Worried about lost paper charts?

Creating a paper chart note might be easy, as you have been doing it for a long time. Just to keep things into perspective, to create a new paper chart note requires quite a lot of dependent tasks. For example, … Continue reading

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Meaningful Use of EHR?

ZoomMD EHR is ONC-ATCB certified by CCHIT. Once you sign up, you automatically qualify for CMS incentives based on the Meaningful Use criteria. This allows you to receive up to $21,250 in Medicaid EHR incentives (based on Meaningful Use criteria mentioned in by CMS). In 2012, fewer than 1 in 10 doctors had meet meaningful use criteria. Of the total surveyed physicians, less than 45% of the physicians were using basic EHR and only about 10% were meeting the meaningful use requirements.

ZoomMD EHR, a Meaningful Use friendly Electronic Health Records system.

Almost half of the physicians who are using ZoomMD EHR are meeting Meaningful Use requirements. 50% of the physicians who qualify for EHR incentives have applied or have already received full incentive money. We are Metasolutions Inc, take care of end-to-end incentive application process on behalf of the practice. Physicians were successfully meeting the Meaningful Use requirements within one month of completely using ZoomMD EHR. We have dedicated resources who plan and customize training sessions for each physician, making sure that every requirement is meet. Let us help you start earning the incentives you deserve. Schedule a quick free demo with us now or give us a call at 1-800-992-6382.

iHealthbeat: As of 2012, Few Doctors Met Meaningful Use Requirements, June 04, 2013
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What is the Cost of EMR Software Application?

The best thing about our application is that there is no long term contract for our EMRapplicaiton, only the monthly service fee for using the product. This fee allows you to access your data from any computer and gives you the freedom to work in multiple offices without shipping records back and forth. The current price of our software is less than $400 per month, which is much less than the incentives ($44,000 over five years) provided by Medicare alone.

What is Provided with the Cost of EMR Software?

When you decide to pay the cost of EMR software you get several benefits from our product. We include practice modules to help you understand how the software works and how to enter data into the system. The application is cloud-based, so you do not have to host the data on your internal server. We also provide 24/7 support and free upgrades.

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What are the Medicare EMR Incentives?

The Medicare EMR incentives are payments made over a 5-year period to your office for moving away from paper records and using electronic software to store patient files and submit insurance claims. They are based upon the meaningful use scenario where the software tracks clinical information, generates reports, handles electronic funding and provides information to support clinical decisions.

How do I Qualify for the Medicare/ Medicaid EMR Incentives?

If you want your office to qualify for the Medicare/Medicaid EMR incentives you have to have the electronic medical records  system enabled and should be used in your office. You also have to meet the meaningful use requirements that are listed on our site. This incentive can only be received by offices that submit their requests for payment to Medicare/Medicaid over the Internet. This reduces paper usage and also requires fewer personnel to process your requests. With an incentive of up to  $65,750 ($44,000 for Medicare over 5 years and $65,750 for Medicaid over 6 years) these incentives will help compensate you for the cost of the software.

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Integrate Your Patient Records with Our EMR Billing Software

One advantage of using EMR billing software is that it pulls information directly from your electronic records. This allows our (or your) billing department to process payment requests based upon the actual services received by the patients. It also makes it easier because you do not have to worry about someone misreading a doctor’s handwriting. Because the billing is taken directly from the patient’s records, there are no missed procedures and all treatments are billed accordingly.

Do You Offer Service for Your EMR Billing Software?

If you are using our EMR billing software you can also take advantage of our medical billing service. We can help you by processing all of your medical billing needs in one location. We have been known to increase collections by 10 to 30 percent for our clients. We also charge a flat fee based upon the amounts collected so there is no extra charges or payments due when there are no collections performed. To get more information on billing software and services please feel free to Contact Us.

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Do I Need to Have Both EMR and Meaningful Use?

The confusion between using and EMR and meaningful use is that many people do not understand what is meant by the phrase “meaningful use”. Meaningful use means that you will use the software to track your patient’s clinical information.. It also means that you will submit all billing requests electronically instead of through paper reports. This reduces the use of paper, lowers the number of employees needed to process the payments and helps you receive your payment faster than the old system.

Do You Provide EMR and Meaningful Use Instructions?

We can help you by providing both EMR and meaningful use instructions. Our software can track your meaningful use and let you know if you are fulfilling the requirements. We guide you through on  how to comply with the requirements and insure that you receive your incentives every year.

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Choosing a Low Cost EMR for Your Office

When you are looking at switching to electronic records, it is important to get the best value for your money. We offer a low cost EMR that allows you to meet all of the requirements for the incentives offered by Medicare and Medicaid for moving to electronic records. Our EMR can be combined with our medical transcription services to allow your medical reports to be saved directly into patient’s records.

What Comes with Your Low Cost EMR Software?

Our low cost EMR software comes with everything you need to start using electronic records in your office. It is a web-based program that saves money because you do not have to purchase extra servers or work stations. You also have no long-term contracts, so you can use the software for as long as necessary without having to pay a high fee for cancelling. You also get full licensing so you do not have to worry that you will be unable to upgrade with future improvements.

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The Government is Offering Medicare EMR Incentives

If you have been avoiding switching over to using  electronic medical records because you think it is going to cost you too much money, you might be surprised to find that the government is offering Medicare/Medicaid(Medi-Cal for California region) EMR incentives to help offset the cost. These incentives have been put in place not only to help offset the cost, but to convince you how important it to make the switch.

Medicare EMR Incentives Shrink the Longer You Wait

Of course you do need to realize these Medicare/Medicaid(Medi-Cal for California region) EMR incentives being offered by the government should be taken advantage of very soon. This is because these incentives are being offered on a sliding scale and will decrease each year until 2014. By which time all medical care providers must have converted to using EMR. If you reach this year and have not converted, rather than receiving incentives to switch, you could end up being fined.

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Our Medical Billing Software Can Ensure Your Bills Are Paid on Time and in Full

In the current economy far too many doctors are getting stiffed when it comes to getting paid. In most cases this is not caused by those patients who pay their bills in cash, but by the insurance companies who seem to be trying to find every excuse they can not to pay their bills. Of all the reasons they give, simple coding errors is one of the biggest, errors that our medical billing software can prevent.

Our Medical Billing Software Can Save You Money

While our medical billing software is designed to help ensure that the insurance companies pay their due, but because it is constantly kept up to date, you will get paid more. The reason for this is that our software has been designed to seek out every possible code to ensure that when your bills are submitted, they are properly coded so that you get the most out of every submission and stop giving away your services.

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Is Cloud Based EMR Safe?

One of the more common questions first time customers ask has to do with whether or not using cloud based EMR is safe.  Their concerns cover a range of topics such as the transfer of confidential information over the Internet, trusting a third party company with this information and in the case of online records storage, how secure the databases are with regard to information theft or loss.

Our Cloud Based EMR Is Extremely Secure

Because we understand your concerns regarding the security of cloud based EMR, we take every possible step to ensure that all of your information as well as that of your patients is as secure as it is possible to make it. Using a range of techniques, including data encryption and secured access methodology, all of your data is protected from any outside source attempting to access it in anyway.

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