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Is Cloud Based EMR Safe?

One of the more common questions first time customers ask has to do with whether or not using cloud based EMR is safe.  Their concerns cover a range of topics such as the transfer of confidential information over the Internet, … Continue reading

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EMR Incentives Can Cover Your Costs and More

In case you had not noticed it yet, the federal government is authoring substantial EMR incentives those who convert over to using electronic medical records and meet the meaningful uses requirements.  The amount of these incentives can be quite substantial … Continue reading

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Web Based EMR Is the Future

There are many good reasons to switch your patient record keeping over to a web based EMR service. Chief among these is the amount of time that using this type of service will end up saving you and your patients. … Continue reading

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There Are Medicare EMR Incentives to Help Cover Your Expenses

If one of the reasons that you have yet to make the change to using to electronic medical records is that you think it is going to cost you too much money, you might be surprised to find that there … Continue reading

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Our Medical Transcription Service Offers Fast Turnaround Times

One of the biggest complaints that most physicians’ offices have with the medical transcription service they are currently using is that they offer such slow turnaround time. While there are times when time is not of the essence, for the … Continue reading

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ZoomMD Will Work with Your Medical Billing Software

Here at Measolutions Inc./ZoomMD, we understand how stressful change can be. If your medical office is in the midst of changing from a paper based medical records system to an electronic one, you’re already going through a big transition. You’re … Continue reading

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Our Medical Billing Software Can Help You Get Paid

One of the biggest problems faced by most physicians’ offices is getting paid. In most cases, it is not the cash paying patients that present a problem. The main reason that doctors are not getting paid is the insurance companies. … Continue reading

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ZoomMD Provides Low Cost EMR

The economy has been disappointing for the last several years, and many businesses are cutting back in order to remain afloat. This may seem like a bad time to switch to a brand-new electronic medical records system. If you work … Continue reading

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Why ZoomMD Provides Web Based EMR

When ZoomMD was creating our electronic medical records system, we worked closely with physicians as well as computer experts. Our goal was to create a package that met the “meaningful use” criteria for Medicare incentives and was easy to learn … Continue reading

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Why Turn to ZoomMD for EHR?

Due to government incentives and the need to be able to keep accurate records about patient care, many physicians’ offices have decided to switch over to keeping electronic health records or EHR. If you’ve decided to make the switch, you’re … Continue reading

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