The HITECH Act and Meaningful Use EMR

Under the HITECH act established a set of parameters governing the meaningful use of EMR and the time frame within which medical practitioners had to convert over to the use of electronic medical records. This act was passed into law as a way to improve overall patient health care and provide a much higher level of safety for patients and accountability for their physicians.

Incentives for Implementation of Meaningful Use of EMR

Beginning in 2011 the government authorized the payment of cash incentives that would be paid out each year from 2011 through 2015. If you started your implementation in 2011, you could receive a total of $43K by the end of program, for every year you wait to start using EMR, you lose more of the incentive money. If you wait until 2015 you will be assessed a penalty instead of receiving any kind of incentive. Let us help you reach the requirements for the meaningful use of EMR so that you can take better care of your patients and start receiving your incentives.

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