Why Aren’t You Using EMR Yet?

As a small rural medical office you have been using standard paper medical records for your patients since the day you opened your doors. Now the government has told you that you have until 2014 to convert your entire record library over to electronic medical records or EMR. If you have not started the process yet, you need to get started as you are running out of time and you could run into problems if you wait too long.

You Can Save So Much Time with EMR Instead of Paper

While you are going to have to spend a little time training your staff in the use of EMR, in the end you are going to find that electronic medical records will save you and your staff an amazing amount of time once everyone gets used to it. With this type of record keeping, there are no more forms to file, no more notes to dictate and most of all, it will free your office staff up so that they can handle more important tasks.

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