EMR Software: An Expense Your Office Doesn’t Need

If you’ve been thinking about transitioning to an electronic medical records system, you’ve probably thought about buying EMR software. You may even have checked into the prices and decided it was something your office simply couldn’t afford. However, there is another way to keep electronic health records. Metasolutions Inc./ZoomMD offer a fully hosted, web-based solution to data storage. There is no costly software to purchase and no other unexpected upfront costs.

A Secure Alternative to EMR Software

At ZoomMD, we store data in the cloud. This means it can be accessed at any time from any computer, as long as the user has the proper security clearance. It eliminates the problems of recreating data if a hard drive is damaged, lost, or stolen. It also means that a physician on call can access his or her patients’ records from a home computer rather than relying on memory or having to get up and drive to the office to check the records. Rather than buying EMR software for your entire office, try ZoomMD’s cost-effective, efficient services first. You’ll never want to look at software again.

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