Let ZoomMD Handle Your Medical Billing and Improve Your Bottom Line

If you know you don’t send out bills as promptly as you should, or if many of your insurance claims are denied on the first pass, ZoomMD can help. Metasolutions Inc./ZoomMD developed their medical billing program after hours of talking to medical billers as well as physicians. When you use our billing software and services, you can expect fast reimbursement, services customized to meet the unique needs of your practice, fair pricing and a proven success rate.

ZoomMD Medical Billing Software Puts You in Direct Touch with Payer Sources

One reason why the ZoomMD medical billing software is so successful is that it allows you to connect directly to all payers such as insurance plans. While the patient is still in the office, you can ensure that he or she is covered and find out what co-pay the patient owes, if any. And because we do stay in close touch with insurance companies throughout the patient’s care, we have a high percentage of payments that are approved on the first claim. If your current billing practices are costing your practice money, let ZoomMD give you a hand. Your job is to practice medicine; our job is to make sure you get paid for it.

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