Protect Your Valuable Data with Cloud Based EMR

Many people don’t think much about cloud based EMR because no one likes to think that the worst could happen, but if you’ve been in the health care field for any length of time, you know that fate is not always kind. If you store your electronic medical records on sight, for instance, what would happen to that information if the building burned down, or if a power surge damaged your hard drive? Suppose a disgruntled employee inserted a virus into the system that erased all the data? Would you have the time and the ability to recreate the information that was lost?

Cloud Based EMR Is Not Vulnerable to Theft or Damage

If recreating lost data would be a significant drain on your resources, there is another way to keep you data safe. Cloud based EMR, also known as web based EMR, stores your data securely off site on the World Wide Web. You can tap into it whenever you need to do so, but because it is not stored in a specific location, it is not vulnerable to being stolen or damaged. With the cloud based EMR offered by ZoomMD, you’re bound to sleep better at night, knowing that all of your valuable patient information is safe and secure.

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