Electronic Health Records Customized for Your Office

Do you get tired of carrying heavy paper charts? Do you wish you had an easy way to keep track of your patients’ lab results and previous visits or to check for possible contraindications before you write a prescription? If so, your office needs electronic health records (EHR). Not only can electronic health records provide the benefits mentioned above, they can also help you schedule appointments, remind patients to keep their appointments, and screen for health insurance coverage.

ZoomMD Provides a Reliable Electronic Health Records System

When you use ZoomMD for your electronic health records, you get all of the benefits you would get from EHR software, but none of the technology burdens. ZoomMD is a web-based system available for a low monthly fee—no long-term commitments. You can access it from any computer anywhere in the world, and if you get stuck, our dedicated customer service team can help you find solutions. ZoomMD will also customize all of our modules to meet the needs of your unique practice and workflow. Every year, more doctor’s offices and hospitals switch to electronic health records. The government is even offering incentives for making this transition. Don’t try to deal with the hassle of paper charts any longer. Call ZoomMD and get started making technology work for you.

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