Why Cloud EMR Is a Better Choice than Software

Some patients are nervous about the idea of their records being stored online in the hypothetical “cloud.” At ZoomMD, however, we believe that cloud EMR is absolutely the way to go for several reasons. First, if you store your records onsite, they are vulnerable to theft and damage. If a fire broke out in your office complex, for instance, it could destroy the hard drive containing information about all your patients. If the information was stored in the cloud, it would remain safe no matter what happened to your computers.

Cloud EMR Allows Easier Access

Suppose you’re on call when a patient telephones with an urgent medical question. In order to answer it, you need to know some information from your patient’s files. If you were using a software system, it probably would not be installed on your home computer so you and your patient would be out of luck. Cloud EMR, however, would let you access your patient’s information from any computer as long as you had the proper authorization. After intensive study and conversations with both physicians and engineers, ZoomMD has decided that cloud EMR technology is the way to go. If you have questions about the technology, give us a call at 1-800-992-6382, and our trained staff will be glad to address any of your concerns.

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