Why Turn to ZoomMD for EHR?

Due to government incentives and the need to be able to keep accurate records about patient care, many physicians’ offices have decided to switch over to keeping electronic health records or EHR. If you’ve decided to make the switch, you’re probably finding out that you have a wealth of choices and more companies than you ever imagined existed are clamoring for your business. Why does it make sense to choose ZoomMD for your electronic health records?

Benefits of Using ZoomMD for EHR

ZoomMD boasts several features that put us head and shoulders above our competition. First, we are fully certified by CCHIT. We also offer the technology and advice you need to become a “meaningful user” which may make you eligible for financial incentives from the government. Finally, all of your patient information is stored securely at a remote location. You can log on and find out what you need to know at any time from any computer. There is no expensive software to buy and no long-term contracts to sign. As far as setting up EHR services go, we make things as easy and painless as possible. If you’ve decided it’s time to start keeping electronic medical records, give ZoomMD a call and let us help.

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