Why ZoomMD Provides Web Based EMR

When ZoomMD was creating our electronic medical records system, we worked closely with physicians as well as computer experts. Our goal was to create a package that met the “meaningful use” criteria for Medicare incentives and was easy to learn and use. After getting feedback from both medical and technology experts, we decided that web based EMR was the way to go.

Three Chief Benefits of Web Based EMR

Web based EMR made sense to us for many reasons. First, buying software for every member of the office staff who handles patient records is a hefty upfront expense that might discourage smaller medical practices from participating. Second, a software based system can be accessed only through computer that have the proper software installed. A web based system can be accessed with any computer. Finally, data stored on site is vulnerable to unanticipated factors such as theft, fire, flooding, etc. Data stored securely on the web can always be retrieved, no matter what happens within your office. To give our web based EMR a try, call ZoomMD at 1-800-992-6382. You’ll be glad that you did.

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