ZoomMD Will Work with Your Medical Billing Software

Here at Measolutions Inc./ZoomMD, we understand how stressful change can be. If your medical office is in the midst of changing from a paper based medical records system to an electronic one, you’re already going through a big transition. You’re probably not eager to make any more changes, especially not to your medical billing software. And that’s all right with us. When you hire us to handle your billing, we’re glad to customize a plan to keep your old software in place.

Can Your Medical Billing Software Do Everything Ours Can?

Although we’re willing to work with any system you currently have in place, we suspect that when you get a good look at our medical billing software, you’ll want to change over. Our software is easy to use and can be integrated with your EHR system. It offers a direct connection to payers so that you can verify coverage and benefits while a patient is in your office. Most importantly, our software can improve your bottom line by increasing the number of claims paid by insurance companies upon the first submission. Unless your software can perform all of these functions, you just might want to consider switching after all.

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