There Are Medicare EMR Incentives to Help Cover Your Expenses

If one of the reasons that you have yet to make the change to using to electronic medical records is that you think it is going to cost you too much money, you might be surprised to find that there are Medicare EMR incentives being offered. These incentives have been put in place by the government not only to help offset the cost, but to convince everyone of the importance of making the switch.

Medicare EMR Incentives Are Offered On a Sliding Scale

The one thing you need to realize about the Medicare EMR incentives being offered by the government is that you need to make the change soon. This is because these incentives are in fact being offered on a sliding scale and will go down each year until 2014. By 2014 all medical care providers must have converted to using EMR. If you reach this year and have not converted, rather than receiving incentives to switch, you will end up being fined.

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