EMR Incentives Can Cover Your Costs and More

In case you had not noticed it yet, the federal government is authoring substantial EMR incentives those who convert over to using electronic medical records and meet the meaningful uses requirements.  The amount of these incentives can be quite substantial and are intended not only to convince you to make the switch, but to help offset the associated costs of making the change.

These EMR Incentives Are Not Going to Be Around Forever

You can use the money from these EMR incentives to help offset any or all of the costs associated with converting your facility over to using this type of record keeping system. These can include, but are not limited to enrolling in a web-based, ONC-ATCB certified EMR such as ours and making best use of all the integrated applications that we provide. Once you start using our application, you can retire all those paper filled files that you have been using for years.


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