Good Medical Transcription Services Are Vital to the Success of Your Practice

It’s Friday afternoon in Dr. Jones’s office, and everyone is in a panic. A report that Dr. Jones dictated at the beginning of the week still hasn’t made its way to the patient’s chart, and a very irritable specialist is asking to see that report. When the office manager finally gets through to the transcription company, they explain that they’re “backlogged.” Don’t let this happen in your office. Let Metasolutions Inc./ZoomMD handle your medical transcription services and avoid having to track down missing or incomplete reports.

Benefits Offered by ZoomMD’s Medical Transcription Services

We know how busy and chaotic a thriving medical practice can be, so we’ve made our medical transcription services super easy to use. You can dictate your notes using a phone or a handheld recording device. Once we receive your dictation, our turnaround time is 12 to 24 hours. Finally we are HIPAA compliant and hold all medical information in the strictest confidence. If you’re tired of dealing with transcription headaches, switch over to ZoomMD’s transcription services. You’ll never regret it. And the best part of this is your transcriptions can be integrated into EHR and become eligible for government incentives.

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