Government-Based EMR Incentives

When your office changes from a paper system to electronic medical records, you’ll not only be making life more convenient for yourself and your patients. You’ll also improve your chances for earning government-based EMR incentives. In order to be eligible for these incentives, you must be able to show “meaningful use” of your EMR system. ZoomMD is fully ONC-ATCB certified and can help you customize our system to meet the needs of your office without sacrificing the “meaningful use” component.

How Do I Show Meaningful Use for EMR Incentives?

Meaningful use for the purposes of EMR incentives involves four basic criteria. You have to use your system to track clinical data on your patients and to generate reports of clinical significance. You also need to implement electronic transactions such as electronic medical billing and keeping track of the insurance status of patients. Finally, you must utilize it as a guide when making clinical decisions. You may initially find that using EMR for these purposes cramps your style. ZoomMD can help get you through the initial transition period and work with you to make sure you are following all the criteria to get the incentives you deserve. Schedule a one-to-one demo to see our application in action.

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