Integrate Your Patient Records with Our EMR Billing Software

One advantage of using EMR billing software is that it pulls information directly from your electronic records. This allows our (or your) billing department to process payment requests based upon the actual services received by the patients. It also makes it easier because you do not have to worry about someone misreading a doctor’s handwriting. Because the billing is taken directly from the patient’s records, there are no missed procedures and all treatments are billed accordingly.

Do You Offer Service for Your EMR Billing Software?

If you are using our EMR billing software you can also take advantage of our medical billing service. We can help you by processing all of your medical billing needs in one location. We have been known to increase collections by 10 to 30 percent for our clients. We also charge a flat fee based upon the amounts collected so there is no extra charges or payments due when there are no collections performed. To get more information on billing software and services please feel free to Contact Us.

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