What are the Medicare EMR Incentives?

The Medicare EMR incentives are payments made over a 5-year period to your office for moving away from paper records and using electronic software to store patient files and submit insurance claims. They are based upon the meaningful use scenario where the software tracks clinical information, generates reports, handles electronic funding and provides information to support clinical decisions.

How do I Qualify for the Medicare/ Medicaid EMR Incentives?

If you want your office to qualify for the Medicare/Medicaid EMR incentives you have to have the electronic medical records  system enabled and should be used in your office. You also have to meet the meaningful use requirements that are listed on our site. This incentive can only be received by offices that submit their requests for payment to Medicare/Medicaid over the Internet. This reduces paper usage and also requires fewer personnel to process your requests. With an incentive of up to  $65,750 ($44,000 for Medicare over 5 years and $65,750 for Medicaid over 6 years) these incentives will help compensate you for the cost of the software.

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