Worried about lost paper charts?

Creating a paper chart note might be easy, as you have been doing it for a long time. Just to keep things into perspective, to create a new paper chart note requires quite a lot of dependent tasks. For example, pulling up previous chart notes of the patient, pulling out the required paper template for that visit, pre-entering all the standard information, and filling out findings during the visit. We understand that this would take quite a lot of time. Imagine if all this can be done if few clicks and save time using an electronic health records (EHR) system. Time Save= Money Earned!

“Time Saved = Money Earned!”

Using ZoomMD EHR and PM, create flexible and customizable chart notes

ZoomMD EHR & Practice Management has been designed and developed with the help of physicians, keeping physicians work environment in mind. Simple and completely customizable templates in ZoomMD EHR can be created with all the information specific to physicians needs and these can be for each category of the patient’s visit. To create a new note, you need not have to start from scratch with a new template. Within ZoomMD EHR, look up for a previous note of the same patient and edit with minimum changes. Creating a completely new chart note is so easy that within couple of minutes you can complete a note, sign it off and also fax to a referring physician through ZoomMD EHR, eliminating the use of paper completely.

“To create a new note, you need not have to start from scratch with a new template.”

In ZoomMD EHR, templates can be customized to almost similar to your paper chart. And once you have completed creating a chart note, you can sign of with no or minimum edits. It’s that easy. And the best part is that ZoomMD EHR and Practice Management system is cloud-base and can be access from anywhere, anytime.

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