Does Your Practice Handle Medical Billing Efficiently?

Not checking insurance eligibility and not billing in a timely manner can cost your practice thousands of dollars. ZoomMD by Metasolutions, Inc. can give your office the help that it needs to increase reimbursement. Among many other medical billing services, we offer an electronic claims submission process that files claims less than 24 hours after services are rendered. Most claims are paid within 14 days.

New Medical Billing Clients

When your practice becomes one of our medical billing clients, we provide a review designed to catch any missed opportunities for billing. Sometimes, something as simple as correcting a medical code can result in payment. From the first day on, we also make it a point to bill for all eligible services. We also pursue collecting on delinquent accounts. Our new clients typically report that their reimbursement increases by as much as 30% when they come on board. Give our experienced team a chance to help you make your practice more profitable.

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