Government-Based EMR Incentives

When your office changes from a paper system to electronic medical records, you’ll not only be making life more convenient for yourself and your patients. You’ll also improve your chances for earning government-based EMR incentives. In order to be eligible for these incentives, you must be able to show “meaningful use” of your EMR system. ZoomMD is fully ONC-ATCB certified and can help you customize our system to meet the needs of your office without sacrificing the “meaningful use” component.

How Do I Show Meaningful Use for EMR Incentives?

Meaningful use for the purposes of EMR incentives involves four basic criteria. You have to use your system to track clinical data on your patients and to generate reports of clinical significance. You also need to implement electronic transactions such as electronic medical billing and keeping track of the insurance status of patients. Finally, you must utilize it as a guide when making clinical decisions. You may initially find that using EMR for these purposes cramps your style. ZoomMD can help get you through the initial transition period and work with you to make sure you are following all the criteria to get the incentives you deserve. Schedule a one-to-one demo to see our application in action.

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Good Medical Transcription Services Are Vital to the Success of Your Practice

It’s Friday afternoon in Dr. Jones’s office, and everyone is in a panic. A report that Dr. Jones dictated at the beginning of the week still hasn’t made its way to the patient’s chart, and a very irritable specialist is asking to see that report. When the office manager finally gets through to the transcription company, they explain that they’re “backlogged.” Don’t let this happen in your office. Let Metasolutions Inc./ZoomMD handle your medical transcription services and avoid having to track down missing or incomplete reports.

Benefits Offered by ZoomMD’s Medical Transcription Services

We know how busy and chaotic a thriving medical practice can be, so we’ve made our medical transcription services super easy to use. You can dictate your notes using a phone or a handheld recording device. Once we receive your dictation, our turnaround time is 12 to 24 hours. Finally we are HIPAA compliant and hold all medical information in the strictest confidence. If you’re tired of dealing with transcription headaches, switch over to ZoomMD’s transcription services. You’ll never regret it. And the best part of this is your transcriptions can be integrated into EHR and become eligible for government incentives.

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Are You Eligible for Medicare EMR Incentives?

Is your practice still dragging its feet about switching from a paper records system to electronic medical records? If so, you could be missing out on substantial Medicare EMR incentives. Providers who implement and who practice “meaningful use” of electronic medical records can receive up to $44,000 in incentives over the next six years, but to maximize your reward, you must begin participating in 2012.

ZoomMD Provides Everything You Need to Qualify for Medicare EMR Incentives

ZoomMD is fully certified by the Certified Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT). This means that our electronic records system meets all the criteria for “meaningful use.” When you work with ZoomMD, our helpful associates will train you and your staff on getting started with electronic health records and using the system to generate medical reports, conduct healthcare transactions, and tailor your clinical decisions. Purchasing ZoomMD and utilizing all of the available features will help you demonstrate “meaningful use,” one of the chief components required to receive Medicare EMR incentives. Every day you put off switching to electronic health records is costing you money, so call ZoomMD today on 800-992-3682 (META) or visit

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Electronic Health Records Customized for Your Office

Do you get tired of carrying heavy paper charts? Do you wish you had an easy way to keep track of your patients’ lab results and previous visits or to check for possible contraindications before you write a prescription? If so, your office needs electronic health records (EHR). Not only can electronic health records provide the benefits mentioned above, they can also help you schedule appointments, remind patients to keep their appointments, and screen for health insurance coverage.

ZoomMD Provides a Reliable Electronic Health Records System

When you use ZoomMD for your electronic health records, you get all of the benefits you would get from EHR software, but none of the technology burdens. ZoomMD is a web-based system available for a low monthly fee—no long-term commitments. You can access it from any computer anywhere in the world, and if you get stuck, our dedicated customer service team can help you find solutions. ZoomMD will also customize all of our modules to meet the needs of your unique practice and workflow. Every year, more doctor’s offices and hospitals switch to electronic health records. The government is even offering incentives for making this transition. Don’t try to deal with the hassle of paper charts any longer. Call ZoomMD and get started making technology work for you.

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Meaningful Use EMR and Government Incentives

In 2009, in an effort to streamline health care, Congress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Part of that act sets aside money for healthcare providers who can show “meaningful use” of electronic medical records. Meaningful Use EMR incentives are available through the Medicare program and through some state Medicaid programs. Healthcare professionals who meet certain standards can earn incentives of up to $21,000 this year alone.

What Constitutes Meaningful Use EMR?

There are some key factors that determine whether Meaningful Use EMR is occurring within a practice. One condition is that electronic medical records must be used to track important patient data. Another is using the electronic records to generate reports that help patients or that helps the practice improve its patient care. Practices are also expected to utilize the technology when making decisions about patient care. If your head is spinning right now, don’t worry. ZoomMD is certified by ONC-ATCB 2011/2012, and the technology we offer meets the criteria for meaningful use. Let us help you start earning the incentives you deserve. Either visit us online or give us a call at 1-800-992-6382.

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Does Your Practice Handle Medical Billing Efficiently?

Not checking insurance eligibility and not billing in a timely manner can cost your practice thousands of dollars. ZoomMD by Metasolutions, Inc. can give your office the help that it needs to increase reimbursement. Among many other medical billing services, we offer an electronic claims submission process that files claims less than 24 hours after services are rendered. Most claims are paid within 14 days.

New Medical Billing Clients

When your practice becomes one of our medical billing clients, we provide a review designed to catch any missed opportunities for billing. Sometimes, something as simple as correcting a medical code can result in payment. From the first day on, we also make it a point to bill for all eligible services. We also pursue collecting on delinquent accounts. Our new clients typically report that their reimbursement increases by as much as 30% when they come on board. Give our experienced team a chance to help you make your practice more profitable.

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