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EMR Incentives EME Incentives 

Value is an important consideration in any of the tools you use in your practice. When it comes to medical practice management, you want to get the best possible system at a price that makes it acceptable to your practice. At Metasolutions, we have the web based EMR that will optimize your patient care and which has the certification to help you earn EMR incentives. Our ZoomMD is a low cost EMR system that is ONC-ATCB certified that requires only an internet connection and a web browser to operate. You don't have to buy software and install it or provide maintenance. Since it is a web based EMR, all of your patients' records are accessed on the internet via a hosted program.

One reason that many practices are choosing to transform their office records into an electronic system is due to Medicaid and Medicare EMR incentives. Only those EMR's that are certified will qualify you for these incentives. ZoomMD is not only certified, but is also a low cost EMR that is available for a monthly rate per provider. This system covers every module and every feature offered in addition to standard support and future upgrades. You won't find a better value or a better system than ours!

ZoomMD was designed and created by a team of physicians and software experts in order to develop a system that was flexible and easy to use. It is also made with a Meaningful Use dashboard that tracks those tasks that are considered "Meaningful Use" so that you always get your EMR incentives for those features of the EMR that apply. It is a system that you can rely on for performance, reliability and security. ZoomMD has the flexibility to customize all of the modules to your specific practice needs and to your own style of keeping and accessing records.

Unlike some other systems you can obtain to get EMR incentives, ZoomMD offers unparalleled support. You aren't left on your own to learn how to incorporate a fixed system into your practice. Instead, we will train your entire team and continue to give you support as you implement the EMR to the needs of your practice. Even though ZoomMD has all of the features to help you attain Medicaid and Medicare EMR incentives, it is also an important way to improve your record keeping and accessing capabilities within your practice. That will mean you have the tools to give your patients better care in a web-based format that is also easier for you to use efficiently.

The reason for the EMR incentives is the government's desire to bring medical practice management into the 21st Century and make it simpler to give patients the best possible medical care. EMR incentives can add a significant amount of income to your practice while making it possible to enjoy the modern technology that will give you greater control of all aspects of your patients' care. Not only will ZoomMD empower you to provide a greater quality of patient care with ease, it will also empower your patients with more control over the access to quality care that they need.

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News Updates
CMS Proposal Aims To Help Clinicians Avoid E-Prescribing Penalties to its electronic prescribing program that aim to make it easier for health care providers to avoid penalties
CMS has released a proposed rule that would allow physicians to claim more exemptions from penalties imposed for failing to meet electronic prescribing requirements.
On Thursday, CMS announced that the agency has issued the first round of incentive payments under the Medicare portion of the meaningful use program.
A new study finds that transitioning to new electronic prescribing systems can lead to a reduction in prescription errors.