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Electronic Health Records Electronic Health Records 

Are you ready to take your health care facility into the next generation with electronic health records? If so, there are numerous reasons that our software is the best solution for your EHR when you are considering which company and system to implement into your facility. Our ZoomMD product has proven to be the best choice for many different facilities, particularly those that are considered small to medium sized. One reason that many medical facilities are making the switch to an electronic system is the potential to earn incentives from Medicaid and Medicare programs. ZoomMD is a practice management system that is certified so that you can start enjoying the incentives that the government is providing.

Another important reason for choosing ZoomMD as your EHR is its web-based format. When you choose a hosted solution that is cloud-based, you have the convenience of accessing patients' records from anywhere there is internet access. You can also eliminate the need to download any software in order to implement the new system into your office. There is nothing to buy and no startup cost so you save money over other options. In addition, you will continue to use ZoomMD at a low monthly rate so that you don't get any surprises when it's time to pay your bill. There is also no maintenance to worry with since everything operates over the internet and future upgrades are included in the price.

Keeping electronic health records for your patients with ZoomMD will allow you to have access to all of their related information in one easy format. This not only means easier and faster patient care for you, but also better care for your patients. With ZoomMD, you will have multiple ways to chart your patients for a flexible system that works for your needs. Dictate notes directly into the system, provide information onto forms, and use the templates that are specifically designed for your practice. Everything that you need to know about each and every patient is documented so that you can prescribe drugs confidently without a concern for allergy interactions or order needed lab tests and refer to test results to make diagnosis or prescribe treatments.

An EHR system is also a big advantage to the patient. They will know when they are due for specific preventive care tests so that they don't go undiagnosed for serious conditions that might easily be missed. The patient reminder feature on the appointment scheduler will let them know when they are scheduled for appointments so that they get the regular care they need while your problem with no-shows is minimized. A history of drug allergies is recorded to reduce the likelihood of getting the wrong medications while current prescriptions are monitored so that there are no duplicate prescriptions or drugs that aren't meant to be taken simultaneously.

Electronic health records are a big advantage to the physician and to the patient. ZoomMD is the ultimate choice in an EHR that is easy to use, provides flexibility to different types of practices, benefits both the provider and the patient, and is certified for Meaningful Use to gain financial incentives. It is also a low-cost option that is easily affordable for practices of all sizes!

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News Updates
CMS Proposal Aims To Help Clinicians Avoid E-Prescribing Penalties to its electronic prescribing program that aim to make it easier for health care providers to avoid penalties
CMS has released a proposed rule that would allow physicians to claim more exemptions from penalties imposed for failing to meet electronic prescribing requirements.
On Thursday, CMS announced that the agency has issued the first round of incentive payments under the Medicare portion of the meaningful use program.
A new study finds that transitioning to new electronic prescribing systems can lead to a reduction in prescription errors.