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Meaningful Use Meaningful Use 

A common goal between the government and many healthcare facilities is to implement a system that lets all health care providers keep and maintain patients' records in a way that allows them ready access. This is an essential tool for providing patients with the best possible care. It allows each provider to know the patient's history and any medications they are on when they come to them for treatment. Information is easier to access quickly in order to give patients the best possible care immediately. As a way of encouraging more providers to implement electronic health records into their practice, the government offers incentives to those who use a Meaningful Use EMR to record and share patient information.

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to improve your access of incentive payments is with our Meaningful Use EMR. Adopting the technology can get the Medicare and Medicaid incentive payments that are available for some specific objectives, or those which are deemed "meaningful use". Our system makes it simple and affordable for you to implement the needed technology to benefit from these incentives while providing you with an easy-to-use platform that has many additional benefits as for you and for the patients.

Our Meaningful Use EMR is certified so that it meets the requirement to make you a Meaningful User. That could translate into $18,000 to $21,000 in incentive payments! As the payments are intended to increase to a total of $44,000 to $63,750 over the next several years, our Meaningful Use EMR can mean a significant difference in your eligibility to receive greater incentives in the near future. There are various components to Meaningful Use that ZoomMD addresses. These include tracking key patient-level clinical information so that health providers have easy access and clear visibility of the health status of all of their patients.

Making the change to ZoomMD is more than the implementation of a new EMR system for the sake of becoming incentive eligible. It will also provide you with the tool for providing better healthcare to your patients while making your records system much more efficient. By putting all of each patient's information at your fingertips, you can improve your ability to provide preventive care as well as to give them the ongoing care they need for chronic illnesses. Everything is simplified from monitoring medications, implementing diagnostic procedures, accessing insurance coverage, and more.

The provider system that has been in place for many years has long been a barrier to the quality of health care that is provided to patients. Our system was developed by physicians and software experts to ensure that it not only serves as a Meaningful Use EMR that will make it financially desirable for a wide range of medical facilities, but also will help to empower patients and ensure that they receive a higher quality of health care. Knowledge is power and when it comes to medical care, the knowledge of the patient and their circumstances gives the provider and the patient the power to provide the best solutions for their needs.

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News Updates
CMS Proposal Aims To Help Clinicians Avoid E-Prescribing Penalties to its electronic prescribing program that aim to make it easier for health care providers to avoid penalties
CMS has released a proposed rule that would allow physicians to claim more exemptions from penalties imposed for failing to meet electronic prescribing requirements.
On Thursday, CMS announced that the agency has issued the first round of incentive payments under the Medicare portion of the meaningful use program.
A new study finds that transitioning to new electronic prescribing systems can lead to a reduction in prescription errors.