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Medical Billing Software Medical Billing Software 

The issue of medical billing is a very complex one for all types and sizes of clinical businesses. Any manual system has a lot of room for error causing you to lose money. At Metasolutions, we have the answer that today's busy clinical settings need for easy and efficient billing. Our ZoomMD medical billing software will help you and your staff improve the billing system so that you can start seeing a difference in your reimbursements. ZoomMD brings together providers, billers, and payers on a single platform so that there are no gaps between filing for insurance and getting reimbursed for the patient's care.

With ZoomMD, you have the option to use only the medical billing software or to integrate with our EHR or appointment scheduler. You choose how much of your system you want to integrate and how much you want to leave to your staff. As a stand-alone software used for medical billing, ZoomMD is easy and intuitive so that it is simple for you and your staff to integrate into your existing system and start using it without a lot of time lost for training. Make all of your claims online so that you never have any doubt about what has been requested, the status of each claim, or whether your patient has insurance eligibility. It's quick, simple and efficient time after time!

Some of the features of the software that your medical billing personnel will appreciate most are the electron patient statements and the patient balance and statement details that are available whenever the patient checks in. You know as soon as you check a patient in if they already owe a balance from a previous visit that is in excess of their insurance reimbursement as well as whether they are eligible for insurance coverage for the current visit. There is no more filing a new claim every time they have another appointment because your medical billing software will keep track of everything you need!

One of the most important features of ZoomMD is its pricing. You don't have to spend a lot of money to create a billing system that requires you to pay for software and go through a drastic transformation in how you operate your business. Instead, you pay just a low monthly fee to get the exceptional results that it will provide. With an average of 10 to 15 percent increase in collections, most of our new customers have quickly learned that ZoomMD makes a tremendous difference in the reimbursements that they receive. Your investment in us will be a very profitable tool for your business.

ZoomMD medical billing software has a billing dashboard with a month-to-date and YTD running summary of your billing and collections for easy maintenance of all of your patient accounts. It also offer flexibility of providing electronic superbills/charge capture that are custom created specifically for each provider in your practice. If you have multiple healthcare providers in your facility, they may have different fees for their specific services that require specific medical billing procedures to meet each need. ZoomMD is the right tool for all types and sizes of practices that want to get better results from their billing system.

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CMS has released a proposed rule that would allow physicians to claim more exemptions from penalties imposed for failing to meet electronic prescribing requirements.
On Thursday, CMS announced that the agency has issued the first round of incentive payments under the Medicare portion of the meaningful use program.
A new study finds that transitioning to new electronic prescribing systems can lead to a reduction in prescription errors.