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Worried about lost paper charts?

Creating a paper chart note might be easy, as you have been doing it for a long time. Just to keep things into perspective, to create a new paper chart note requires quite a lot of dependent tasks. For example, … Continue reading

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Meaningful Use of EHR?

ZoomMD EHR is ONC-ATCB certified by CCHIT. Once you sign up, you automatically qualify for CMS incentives based on the Meaningful Use criteria. This allows you to receive up to $21,250 in Medicaid EHR incentives (based on Meaningful Use criteria … Continue reading

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What is the Cost of EMR Software Application?

The best thing about our application is that there is no long term contract for our EMRapplicaiton, only the monthly service fee for using the product. This fee allows you to access your data from any computer and gives you … Continue reading

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What are the Medicare EMR Incentives?

The Medicare EMR incentives are payments made over a 5-year period to your office for moving away from paper records and using electronic software to store patient files and submit insurance claims. They are based upon the meaningful use scenario … Continue reading

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Integrate Your Patient Records with Our EMR Billing Software

One advantage of using EMR billing software is that it pulls information directly from your electronic records. This allows our (or your) billing department to process payment requests based upon the actual services received by the patients. It also makes … Continue reading

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Do I Need to Have Both EMR and Meaningful Use?

The confusion between using and EMR and meaningful use is that many people do not understand what is meant by the phrase “meaningful use”. Meaningful use means that you will use the software to track your patient’s clinical information.. It … Continue reading

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Choosing a Low Cost EMR for Your Office

When you are looking at switching to electronic records, it is important to get the best value for your money. We offer a low cost EMR that allows you to meet all of the requirements for the incentives offered by … Continue reading

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The Government is Offering Medicare EMR Incentives

If you have been avoiding switching over to using  electronic medical records because you think it is going to cost you too much money, you might be surprised to find that the government is offering Medicare/Medicaid(Medi-Cal for California region) EMR … Continue reading

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Our Medical Billing Software Can Ensure Your Bills Are Paid on Time and in Full

In the current economy far too many doctors are getting stiffed when it comes to getting paid. In most cases this is not caused by those patients who pay their bills in cash, but by the insurance companies who seem … Continue reading

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Is Cloud Based EMR Safe?

One of the more common questions first time customers ask has to do with whether or not using cloud based EMR is safe.  Their concerns cover a range of topics such as the transfer of confidential information over the Internet, … Continue reading

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