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Special Offer : Your first week is free, then just 8-9 cents/line. Start today and experience our high quality, accurate transcriptions with fast turn-around and direct delivery to your EHR, desktop, or via our cloud platform

Our ZoomMD Medical Transcription system is a simple, easy to use system with complete flexibility to meet your specific needs.  Dictate from any phone or device and receive highly accurate, professional transcriptions within 12 to 24 hours.  We can deliver your transcriptions to any EHR, to your desktop, via FTP or fax.

Our transcription services comes with an online portal that allows you to search, track, download, edit or fax any transcription.   You can also listen to your original dictation.

Fast 12 to 24 hours turn-around time.
Guaranteed accuracy and reliability.
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Highly secured environment.
100% HIPAA compliant.
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Our features and benefits : 

  • U.S. based company.
  • Dictate from any phone line or digital hand-held recorder.
  • Fast 12 to 24 hours turn-around time.
  • Transcriptions delivered to any EHR, desktop or via our cloud platform
  • Guaranteed accuracy and reliability.
  • 100% HIPAA compliant secure environment
  • AutoFax feature allows you to fax transcriptions without the need to manually print, copy and fax transcriptions.
  • Low Fee with 8-9 cents/line based on volume

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