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Special Offer : ZoomMD Cloud Billing Platform is free for the first month with no set-up charges and no contracts.

Our ZoomMD medical billing software platform is a simple, easy and intuitive system developed by our team of medical billers, physicians and software engineers for practices, medical groups, and healthcare organizations of any size.

We have brought together 20 years of experience in multispecialty medical billing and software development to create an industry leading cloud platform that has end-to-end billing and collection capabilities.

We have worked closely with our clients to understand and remove nearly every pain point that limits reimbursement and developed an advanced technology platform that predictably improves billing accuracy, speed, efficiency and reimbursement.

Connects providers, billers, and payers on one platform.
Online EDI transactions(insurance eligibility, claims status).
The rich and extensive set of medical billing & collections reports.
Stand-alone medical billing software(with optional integration with EHR or appointment scheduler).
Simply, easy, and intuitive system developed by physicians and medical billers.

ZoomMD Medical Billing Software Features  :

  • Connects providers, billers, and payers, and patients on one platform.
  • ZoomMD medical billing software can integrate with any EHR, appointment scheduler, or practice management.
  • Optionally, comes integrated with our ONC certified ZoomMD EHR and Practice Management
  • Online claims submissions to primary and secondary insurance
  • Full EDI capabilities with online insurance eligibility and claims status
  • Connectivity to all payers, clearinghouses, HMOs, medical groups, and IPAs.
  • Auto-start claims creation feature pulls in demographic, insurance, and superbill information to minimize data entry
  • Online claims scrubbing, edits and quality checks
  • Real time clearinghouse and payer front-end rejection management
  • Electronic superbills system tracks every claim like a Fedex package to get it paid
  • Custom created superbills and charge capture for each provider and practice.
  • Review superbills by patients, providers, payers, date of service
  • Online dashboard provides a realtime, running summary of billing and collections.
  • Customized billing and AR reports available anytime on demand
  • Collections and AR breakdown by locations, providers, payers, services
  • Expert billing analysis and recommendations for increasing collections
  • Patient balance and statement available at the time of patient check-in to increase patient collections
  • Electronic patient statements.
  • Integration and auto-linking with collection agencies for timely patient collections
  • AR module identifies unpaid claims, tracks reason for nonpayment, and allows collection actions and documentation

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